My Sweet Frankenstein, 2023

My sweet frankenstein, 2023, 100 x 65 cm, Cotton and printed fabric

Basket ball, 2023, 20 x 20 x 20 cm, Cotton and printed fabric


My Sweet Frankenstein reshapes the life of digital images by giving body to two-dimensional photographs. 

Internet articles insert stock images that are unrelated to the content to attract more clicks.
Since a human brain can remember the image more than the text, connections between them are created in people's unconsciousness, even though the image is unrelated the article and have no appropriate name.
In this way, a vicious cycle occurs in which the images are consumed in fragments and the text falls apart.

Even if it is a photo of an actual incident, a propaganda image that partially shows the ‘incident’ gets uploaded, and the experiences and opinions behind it are omitted from the record.